Tom Paine Maru flies again

After what has seemed like an interminable process, my good friend L. Neil Smith's book Tom Paine Maru has been revived, revised, and re-published as an electronic book.

The manuscript for the original story, which was published by Del Rey back in 1984, was stored on 8.5-inch floppy disks in CP/M format. Fellow-traveller and self-made computer geek Bill Stone took the disks and extracted the data into a currently-useable format. Then Neil put some editing polish on the manuscript and handed it over to the inestimable Ken "Moose" Holder, who formatted the material into an e-book using the popular .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.

My own contribution was to paint an all-new cover, which everyone thinks is far superior to the artwork that Del Rey used.

Another way in which the e-book is superior to the printed book, is that Neil has restored several sections which had been excised by the Del Rey version, mostly for "icky sex stuff." Consider this the "director's cut."

To order this book, click here.


Blogger Bill St. Clair said...

I ordered my copy as soon as I saw the announcement in this week's Libertarian Enterprise. I've been enjoying it.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Michael B. said...

excellent. It's how i spent my vacation...that is...reading the e-book. There's still a few errors, but *shrugs* worth reading a fine Smith book.

3:16 PM  

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