GOA likes me

Yesterday I received a note from Larry Pratt seeking permission to use my "Boston in 1774, New Orleans in 2005" cartoon on the Gun Owners of America website's "Op-Ed" section. I said, you bet!

It's not on their site when I checked just now, but their last update was early last week, so I guess they don't have instant geek service. Or something. I'll check again in a few days.

The cartoon got mentioned within about 12 hours of my posting it, on LewRockwell.Com's blog site. Poster Anthony Gregory called me "the great Scott Bieser." Gowrsh!

Of course, with all this interest in that cartoon, wouldn't you know that my online art gallery, ScottBieser.com, went down for about 10 hours on Monday. My service provider said it was due to a power outage in a 12-block section of Los Angeles that included the location of their data servers.

You'd think a commercial Web service provider would have backup generators for a server site located in an earthquake zone, but apparently not. At any rate, this confirms my decision to host this blog site on Blogger.Com rather than my own site. Best not to keep all one's eggs in one basket, as it were.


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